Speaking at the 2012 bicoastal data fest at Columbia Journalism School.

In addition to my teaching, I often give conference presentations to share my knowledge about various topics and interests. This page contains links to some of my recent presentations. I hope you find them useful:

  • “Ending Tabmageddon.” This was a “lightning talk” that I gave at the 2022 NICAR conference in Atlanta (virtually from Hong Kong). It’s my set of tips for better managing your online research so you don’t get lost in a sea of tabs.
  • “Data or it Didn’t Happen.” This was my talk at the virtual Government & Public Sector R Conference in Dec. 2021, where I explained my approach for finding and using data to tell stories.
  • “Finding the Story: Business Data.” This is from the 2020 NICAR conference in New Orleans, where my colleague Paul Overberg and I taught a class about using economic data to localize business stories.
  • “What’s New at the SEC.” This was a fireside chat I hosted with SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson Jr. at an April 2019 event organized by the New York Financial Writers’ Association.
  • “Getting More Out of FOIA” This was my “lightning talk” from the 2017 NICAR conference in Jacksonville, where I spoke about navigating tricky situations in FOIA requests.
  • “The Art & Science of the Comment Request.” This was a panel discussion about comment requests for data-driven stories that I hosted at the 2017 NICAR conference in Jacksonville.
  • “Time Value of Money.” This was a hands-on workshop about pension accounting that I led at the 2016 NICAR conference in Denver. Participants learned how to create their own model estimating unfunded liabilities.
  • “Watchdogging Public Spending.” This was a session I taught at the March 2015 NICAR conference in Atlanta about various ways to get disclosure about public spending (it’s often harder than it sounds).
  • “Municipal Bonds 101.” This was in-depth introduction into the world of municipal government debt and ways to track and analyze it, from the 2015 IRE conference in Philadelphia.